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Do you suffer from neck pain, lower back pain, or uncomfortable sensations in your upper or lower extremities? These seemingly diverse issues can all stem from the kind of root cause -- a bulging vertebral disc, also known as a disc protrusion. The fluid-filled discs that normally cushion your vertebrae against shocks can sometimes cause some shocking and distressing problems of their own.

If you're experiencing this all-too-common issue, you're probably hoping to find an answer that doesn't involve cutting into your neck or back and making permanent surgical changes to it. You'll find your answers here at North East Chiropractic Center, your source for non-surgical bulging disc treatment in Fort Wayne IN.

What Is a Bulging Disc?

chiropractor holding a model of the human spineOur Fort Wayne chiropractor has noticed that the general public sometimes gets confused over the various terms used to describe disc problems. You may have heard people refer to bulging discs and herniated discs without understanding what these phrases actually mean. A bulging disc is not the same thing as a herniated disc. Let's look at the essential traits of both conditions:

  • Bulging disc - A normal, healthy disc sits precisely within the spinal column, maintaining a consistent space between two vertebrae while also absorbing everyday bumps and jolts. In a bulging disc, the gel-like substance that fills the disc (the nucleus pulposus) starts to shrink due to dehydration. This allows the disc to flatten out, with part of the outer casing (the annulus fibrosus) poking out of the spinal column.
  • Herniated disc -  A herniated disc is considered a disc extrusion (as opposed to a disc protrusion). In this condition, a part of the annulus fibrosus suffers from an acute injury or weakness, causing less than 25 percent of the disc to balloon outward from the spinal column. A rip or hole in this section may cause the nucleus pulposus to leak out onto neighboring nerves, causing intense inflammation.

Common Causes and Symptoms

While herniated discs are often caused by acute injuries, bulging discs commonly stem from gradual, age-related changes in the spine. As an older body naturally loses some of its water content, dehydration affects the discs just as it does other physical components. A sedentary lifestyle, obesity, chronic musculoskeletal misalignment or strain, a lifetime of poor posture, and even a smoking habit can conspire to create bulging discs that send you to our Fort Wayne chiropractor for relief.

On the surface, a bulging disc would seem like a much less serious situation than a herniated disc -- but it can still cause a lot of trouble. Symptoms of a bulging disc depend in part on the location of the afflicted disc. You may experience:

Bulging Disc Treatment Options at Our Chiropractic Clinic

Only the most serious disc problems require surgical treatment; most respond readily to the non-invasive techniques provided by our Fort Wayne chiropractor. Dr. will analyze your spinal alignment, take X-rays of your neck or back, and then come up with a holistic, all-natural treatment plan for you. You may benefit from a combination of:

  • Chiropractic care - Chiropractic adjustments can straighten out alignment problems that make you vulnerable to bulging discs. we also offer flexion-distraction techniques that create vacuum pressure between vertebrae, correcting the position of a bulging disc while also pulling fluids back into it.
  • Massage therapy - Bulging discs can often cause surrounding muscles to go into painful chronic spasms. Massage therapy can relieve those spasms and restore comfort without painkillers.
  • Lifestyle advice - Our Fort Wayne chiropractor may recommend weight loss, exercise, smoking cessation and other helpful lifestyle advice. By making these changes (and sticking to them), you can minimize your risks for future bulging disc issues.

Why Choose North East Chiropractic Center?

North East Chiropractic Center has provided the highest standards of non-surgical care since 2013. Our Fort Wayne chiropractor offers total transparency in his treatment methods, as well as same-day appointments and personalized treatment plans. Call (260) 245-2460 to get the help you need for that bulging disc!


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