Car Accident Injury Treatment from Our Chiropractor in New Haven and Fort Wayne

Few incidents evoke such painful images as an auto accident. From torn muscles and whiplash to low back pain and pinched nerves, you can easily find yourself not only off the road but unable to work, play, or enjoy everyday life. The sooner you get your injuries evaluated, the more quickly and easily you can recuperate. Here at North Eat Chiropractic Center, our chiropractor in New Haven and Fort Wayne can provide you with drug-free, non-surgical car accident injury treatment.

Common Auto Accident Injuries

An auto accident does cause a variety of injuries all at the same time. One of the most dreaded such injuries is the neck injury known as whiplash. When your head bounces back and forth in a collision or sudden stop, your neck is subjected to forces that cause vertebral subluxation, herniated discs in the neck, and painful soft tissue damage. Your lower spine may also be forced out of its normal alignment, with herniated lumbar discs pinching the sciatic nerve roots to cause sciatica. Even the life-saving restraint of your shoulder harness can allow your trunk to twist excessively, causing joint and muscle strain.

What if you don’t experience any symptoms following your accident? Unfortunately, you may still be injured and not know it. The shock of an accident can delay the onset of symptoms for days, weeks or even months. This delay allows your injuries to get worse as they go untreated.

How Our Fort Wayne and New Haven Chiropractor Can Help

Whether you feel terrible or not, don’t let your spine go unchecked after an auto accident. Our Fort Wayne and New Haven chiropractor can perform a thorough musculoskeletal evaluation to catch even the most subtle forms of damage. Cervical chiropractic adjustments can relieve nerve compression, disc problems and joint pain in the neck, while adjustments to the lower back can relieve sciatica symptoms. A combination of chiropractic care, massage therapy, and corrective exercise can relieve soft tissue pain and encourage full, natural healing of soft tissue damage. Our New Haven and Fort Wayne chiropractor can customize a holistic car accident injury plan utilizing any or all of these safe, non-invasive therapies.

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