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Auto Accident Injury Treatment in Fort Wayne and New Haven


Car Accident Injury Treatment in Fort Wayne & New Haven

The healing process can be complex after an auto accident. However, individuals can restore their physical and mental well-being with the proper auto accident injury treatment in Fort Wayne and New Haven. 

At Northeast Chiropractic Center, our expert medical professional evaluates the extent of your injury before beginning the treatment process. Based on this evaluation, a personalized strategy plan will be introduced which may include procedures, physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, or pain management techniques. Trust our expert medical professionals to guide you through the healing process.


Common Auto Accident Injuries We Treat

Here are some common auto accident injuries we help our patients with.

Whiplash and Neck Injuries

middle aged man calling the paramedics after his car accident | auto accident injury treatment in Fort Wayne

Whiplash typically causes severe stiffness and pain in the neck. Our clinic employs various therapeutic techniques to reduce these symptoms and promote healing.

Back and Spinal Injuries

Injuries that we frequently treat include back and spinal injuries. Our chiropractors use a series of applied pressure treatments to align the vertebrae in your spine.

Head Injuries and Concussions

We provide comprehensive treatment for a broad spectrum of head injuries, ranging from mild to severe concussions, with symptoms such as nausea and memory loss addressed to promote recovery.

Soft Tissue Injuries (Sprains, Strains)

The impact of a collision can cause harm to the body's muscles, affecting tendons and ligaments, and potentially leading to issues like edema and movement restriction; we specialize in treating and rehabilitating individuals facing these challenges.


Auto Accident Injury Treatment Options

Auto accidents can cause various problems from moderate to severe injuries. Chiropractic care is a popular option in Fort Wayne and New Haven. Massage therapy and spinal decompression are also two efficient treatment alternatives.

Several non-invasive techniques are available for pain management in addition to chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, and spinal decompression. These techniques could use electrical stimulation, ultrasound, laser, heat, or cold therapy. Every modality offers advantages suited to your needs.


Benefits of Our Specialized Treatment Approach

Our goal is to maximize recovery. We help enhance our patient's quality of life by focusing on natural healing and employing various approaches.

Targeted Injury Recovery and Rehabilitation

physical therapist working with a girl at the clinic after acquiring auto accident injury | auto accident injury treatment in Fort Wayne

We have created a comprehensive approach tailored to meet every patient's needs, emphasizing focused healing and rehabilitation. Through personalized treatment programs, we strive to achieve optimal results, ensuring a swift and complete recovery.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Our customized treatment plan provides a host of advantages. We are aware that no two injuries are the same. For this reason, we think that offering individualized treatment regimens will guarantee the best possible outcome for patients.

Non-Surgical and Drug-Free Treatment Options

Our customized treatment plan places a primary emphasis on non-surgical alternatives, recognizing surgery as a last resort. By opting for non-invasive methods, patients can mitigate risks and potential side effects associated with surgical procedures, promoting a safer and more conservative approach to recovery.

Addressing Underlying Issues

Our innovative approach to treating Fort Wayne car accident injuries extends beyond providing short-term relief. Our patients' long-term recovery is guaranteed because we treat the underlying problems and concerns.

Empowering Patients with Self-Care Strategies

Our objective is to empower patients with self-care methods, allowing them to take control of their recovery. This approach facilitates effective communication and interaction with our patients, ultimately enabling us to provide detailed instructions for their recovery process.


What to Expect During Your Auto Accident Injury Treatment

You may actively engage in your recovery process and make well-informed healthcare decisions if you know what to anticipate from your treatment journey. Here’s what you can expect from your treatment at Northeast Chiropractic Center.

Thorough Consultation and Examination

chiropractor examining patient knee after getting injured fromauto accident | auto accident injury treatment in Fort Wayne

Through meticulous consultation and examination, our doctors can identify the most effective course of action for your condition.

Collaborative Approach to Treatment Planning

Our committed team of professionals collaborates to formulate a personalized treatment plan that aligns with your specific needs.

Regular Follow-ups and Progress Monitoring

We arrange regular follow-ups and closely monitor your progress through routine appointments. This enables us to assess your development and adjust your treatment regimen as necessary.

Addressing Patient Concerns and Questions

Recognizing the importance of understanding your needs, we ensure to address any worries or questions you may have during your auto accident injury treatment in Fort Wayne and New Haven.


Why Choose Our Auto Accident Injury Treatment Center in Fort Wayne

Our top priority at North East Chiropractic Center in Fort Wayne is the wellness of our patients. Through our cutting-edge facilities, personalized treatment programs, and a team of exceptionally qualified and experienced medical specialists, we aim to facilitate the effective and efficient recovery of our auto accident patients.


Regain Your Overall Health & Wellness with Our Fort Wayne Auto Accident Injury Treatment Center

It can be physically and psychologically traumatizing to be engaged in an automobile accident. If you've sustained injuries in a vehicle accident, prioritizing your health and well-being is crucial, and seeking proper auto accident injury treatment in Fort Wayne and New Haven becomes a priority.

Our personalized treatment plans and comprehensive approach aim to alleviate pain, improve function, and promote a speedy recovery. Don't let an auto accident injury hold you back – contact us today to start your journey toward healing.

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