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Pinched Nerve Treatment in Fort Wayne & New Haven

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If you are feeling shooting or stabbing pains in your arms or legs, then there is a chance that you may have a pinched nerve somewhere. Fortunately, professional pinched nerve treatment in Fort Wayne is available from North East Chiropractic Center. Our team has the training and experience necessary to do with a pinched nerve and a variety of locations. Explore the services offered by our team!

What Is a Pinched Nerve?

There is a complex system of nerves that transmits signals between the brain and the extremities. If a nerve is compressed, then it will have a difficult time transmitting signals effectively. This can lead to a wide variety of symptoms, which come together to cause a pinched nerve. Pressure, compression, and swelling can all lead to nerve transmission problems.
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What Causes a Pinched Nerve?

This injury takes place when there is undue pressure on the nerve itself. A few possible reasons why it may happen include:

  • There is swelling in a certain part of the body that is compressing the nerves.
  • Someone may have sustained a direct impact of the nerve, leading to compression.
  • There could be a bulging disc present in that specific location, compressing the nerve.

These are just a few of the many reasons why someone may be diagnosed with this condition.

Pinched Nerve on neck

Pinched Nerve Symptoms and Risk Factors

There are several ways a pinched nerve may present. Some of the most common symptoms of this specific nerve issue include: 

  • There may be shooting or stabbing present in a certain part of the body. 
  • Some people describe electrical shock-like sensations that travel down an arm or leg. 
  • Other people develop paresthesias, which is a pins and needles sensation. 
  • Some people describe numbness or weakness at a certain part of the body. 

There are several risk factors that may make someone more likely to develop a pinched nerve. These include disc herniation, poor posture, weight gain, pregnancy, and a traumatic injury. 

Other Pinched Nerve Problems

There are several locations where a pinched nerve may present. These include: 

  • Pinched Nerve in Neck: Some people develop a compressed nerve in the neck in a motor vehicle accident. 
  • Pinched Nerve in Back: It is not unusual to develop nerve tissue in the lumbar region of the back following a disc herniation.
  • Pinched Nerve in the Shoulder: Some people develop a nerve problem in the shoulder while playing sports, usually called a stinger.
  • Pinched Nerve in Hip: This type of problem in the hip is not unusual during pregnancy. 
  • Pinched Nerve in Leg: A pinched nerve in the leg may also happen as well, with one common example being sciatica. 

Treatment for Pinched Nerves

If you are looking for the treatment of a pinched nerve in Fort Wayne, there are several options available. These include:

Chiropractic for Pinched Nerves

A chiropractor has the training and experience necessary to help someone recover from a pinched nerve. This healthcare professional can use adjustments and manipulations to properly align the bones, ligaments, and tendons. This can alleviate pressure on the nerve, addressing the root cause of this problem.

Spinal Decompression Therapy for Pinched Nerves

Our Chiropractors have extensive training in Spinal Decompression Therapy for treating pinched nerve issues in the back and neck. Spinal Decompression is a highly effective therapy that can help decompress the vertebrae that are "pinching" the nerve that causes pain.

Massage Therapy for Pinched Nerves

The therapist at NECC can also use massage therapy to treat a pinched nerve. Sometimes, inflammation can lead to swelling, which causes a nerve problem. Massage therapy can be used to quell inflammation, effectively treating a variety of nerve issues.

Pinched Nerve Chiropractor in Fort Wayne

If you are looking for a pinched nerve chiropractor in Fort Wayne, then rely on the team from North East Chiropractic Center. At North East Chiropractic Center, our professionals have gone through a tremendous amount of training to make sure they can address a wide variety of problems, including a pinched nerve. We have been serving the local area since 2013, and we offer same-day appointments and consultations. We customize our treatment options to meet the needs of every patient.

Contact North East Chiropractic Center for Pinched Nerve Relief Today!

If you are looking for effective pinched nerve treatment and Fort Wayne, we are here to help you. The team from North East Chiropractic Center will be with you every step of the way. Contact us today at (260) 217-6753 to make an appointment!

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