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Knee pain is a common problem that doctors treat and there are numerous reasons why someone might be suffering from discomfort in their knees. For some people, they might have a mild knee strain that comes from a contact sport, a plant and twist accident, or even a fall down the stairs. Those who sustain a direct blow to their knee might have an injury of the patella. Another possible cause of knee pain is a full-blown tear of the ligament. There are different ligaments in the knee which might be torn. Each of them will impact the knee, and its range of motion, differently.

Types of Ligaments Tears in the Knee

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Those who have suffered a ligament tear in their knee often describe a "popping" sensation followed by pain and possibly swelling. This can develop from a variety of ligament tears. Some of the most common tears include:

ACL: The ACL is an anterior cruciate ligament. Many people who have played football or soccer might have heard of this tear. The job of this ligament is to prevent the top of the knee from sliding too far forward over the bottom. A test called the anterior drawer test is commonly used by trainers to test the range of motion in the knee in this specific direction. Another common test is called the Lachman's maneuver. Without the ACL, people will have trouble changing direction on their knee.

PCL: The opposite ligament of the ACL is called the PCL, which stands for the posterior cruciate ligament. The job of this ligament is to prevent the knee from sliding too far back over the top of the lower leg. One of the most common ways that people tear the PCL is in a car accident. Often called a "dashboard knee," the dashboard impacts the knee at high speeds, forcing it backward and tearing the PCL. Without the PCL, individuals will have trouble stopping and turning quickly on the affected leg.

MCL: The MCL is the medial collateral ligament. The job of this ligament is to prevent the knee from moving too far toward the center of the body. A blow from the side can damage this ligament and it is often torn with the ACL. Without the MCL, people will feel a great degree of instability in their leg. Their leg might even wobble.

LCL: The LCL is the lateral collateral ligament. This ligament prevents the knee from sliding too far out to the side. This ligament is less frequently torn than the others; however, it can be torn in a traumatic accident. When someone has torn their LCL, they often feel their knees lock up more than before.

Symptoms of Knee Pain: Ligament Tears

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When someone has torn any of the ligaments in their knee, there are several symptoms that they will experience. Some of these include:

  • A popping sensation in their knee which many people associate with the ligament snapping
  • Immediate swelling of the affected knee typically follows these ligaments tears
  • The swelling will cause the knee to stiffen up
  • The knee might also turn red
  • All of these symptoms will lead to significant pain and discomfort

Many people who tear a ligament in their knee feel like they require surgery; however, knee pain treatment and knee pain relief can take many forms.

Treatment for Knee Pain and Ligament Tears from a Chiropractor

Chiropractor examining female patients knee

Not every ligament tear will require surgery. A chiropractor who has experience as a knee pain doctor can provide a number of treatment options. A chiropractor can perform manipulations and maneuvers on the knee that can help alleviate pain and swelling. A chiropractor can also help a knee joint restore its function and range of motion.

Once this stage of knee pain treatment has been performed, rehab and corrective exercises can be used to strengthen the joint and provide increased stability to the knee. With these corrective exercises and the proper nutritional guidance, individuals suffering from knee pain can find relief. While these treatments might not magically regrow lost fibers, they can provide someone with a significant degree of recovery and knee pain relief.

To learn more about how a knee pain doctor can help you, please call Northeast Chiropractic Center located in Fort Wayne, IN today. We will make sure that you are aware of all knee pain relief options. We would be happy to take care of your healthcare needs. Call us today at (260) 245-0460 to make an appointment!

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