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Conditions We Treat in Fort Wayne & New Haven

At our chiropractic center in Fort Wayne, we're committed to all-natural pain prevention and relief. When prevention is no longer possible, pain relief is essential for our patients' recovery and future wellness. If you're living with pain or discomfort, you deserve a return to a pain-free life, and that means we need to tackle your pain at its source and prevent the problem from recurring again.

Conditions We Treat in Fort Wayne

Because we want to customize every treatment to suit your specific injury, we offer on-site X-rays to diagnose the source of your pain more quickly and precisely. After your comprehensive wellness exam and diagnosis, we'll get started on a custom chiropractic care plan to relieve your pain and reduce your risks. Our Fort Wayne and New Haven chiropractor, Dr. Adam Osenga, has experience diagnosing and treating the following conditions.

Back Pain

Lower back pain, mid-back pain, and upper back pain have many different causes, but they're often related to misalignment or inflammation somewhere along the spine. Our chiropractor uses specific chiropractic adjustments to correct the imbalance and reduce pressure and inflammation. We'll also work with you to make lifestyle adjustments to prevent future back pain, such as correcting posture and increasing core strength with corrective exercises.

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Neck pain and shoulder pain may be caused by specific joint or spine injuries, or simply chronic tension in the upper back, neck, and shoulder muscles. We use deep tissue massage to relieve tension and release pressure in the neck and shoulders, and chiropractic adjustments are also helpful for eliminating the misalignment and poor support that causes neck tension and pain.

Herniated Disc

The discs between your vertebrae are responsible for cushioning them and allowing the joints to work properly. Herniated discs occur when misalignment or injury causes a disc to bulge or slip out of place, putting pressure on nearby nerves and exposing the surrounding vertebrae to friction. Our chiropractor uses careful adjustments to push discs back into place and relieves painful pressure.

Headaches & Migraines

Tension headaches and migraines cause serious, debilitating pain, and our chiropractor wants to help you eliminate the source of the problem instead of covering them up temporarily. Our chiropractor will design a care plan that helps reduce your risks and relieve your immediate pain. For example, nutritional counseling is often helpful for preventing or reducing migraines, while massage therapy offers pain relief.


Sciatica occurs when pinched sciatic nerve roots in the lower back lead to tingling or painful sensations in the back, legs, groin, and other body parts. We treat sciatica by correcting imbalances with chiropractic care or reducing inflammation with massage therapy, both of which relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve roots.

Myofascial Pain

Myofascial pain syndrome is a chronic condition caused by repeated muscle contraction. If you have a mysterious pain in unrelated body parts, it may be due to pressure on sensitive trigger points. We use massage therapy and chiropractic manipulations to target these pressure points and reduce spasms and pain.

Whiplash & Other Auto Accident Injuries

During auto collisions, sudden force may jolt your head and neck away from your restrained upper body, causing joint injuries and inflammation. Whiplash and

Personal Injuries

If you had an accident that caused trauma to the spine or surrounding tissue, we will work with you and your legal or insurance team to make sure your injury is treated properly. We offer chiropractic adjustments, corrective rehabilitation, and spinal and postural screenings for patients with personal injury claims. Our goal is to prevent long-term damage and relieve your pain.


If your irregular curvature is mild, we may recommend chiropractic adjustments that incorporate handheld tools and traction tables. Our chiropractic treatments for scoliosis are designed to gently correct your spine's curvature, straighten your posture, and relieve tension.


Our chiropractor diagnoses and corrects spinal subluxations, which are partial dislocations of the vertebrae. Improper positions or movements may cause subluxations as a stress response, so we work to restore blood flow and energy while relieving the tension that caused the subluxation.

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