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When you visit North East Chiropractic Center, our team of chiropractors can help you to overcome any of the pain and discomfort you are feeling. For those who need shoulder pain Doctor in Fort Wayne, our team of experienced professionals can offer the most advanced care available. How can we help you?

Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

When you meet with your Fort Wayne chiropractor, we’ll provide a full examination and evaluation to determine what is causing your pain. Your shoulder pain doctor will then create a customized treatment plan just for your areas of concern. Below are some of the most common causes of shoulder pain.

Dislocated Shoulder

A dislocated shoulder occurs when the upper arm bone comes out of the socket it should sit in. The shoulder is one of the most common bones to be dislocated, often from physical trauma. To regain complete movement, the shoulder must be properly positioned again.

Shoulder Bursae

Shoulder bursae is a type of fluid-filled sac located in your joint. When properly located, it works to reduce friction when your joint moves. Inflammation can occur here, leading to shoulder pain.

Frozen Shoulder

Also known as adhesive capsulitis, frozen shoulder is often called this because it feels like the shoulder joint is stiff. It often worsens over time. Improving range of motion is often at the heart of this treatment plan.

Rotator Cuff Injury

Injury to the rotator cuff often occurs when the muscles and tendons in this location become torn or stretched. This condition is common in individuals who perform repetitive jobs overhead. This condition requires treatment that involves physical therapy to improve both the flexibility and strength of the muscles. Rotator cuff injury ranges in severity.

Strains & Sprains

These are very common injuries to the shoulder but still require medical care. Sprains involve the stretching or tearing of the ligament. Strains occur when the muscle or tendon is stretched or torn. In all cases, the goal is to help them to heal through rest and proper therapy. A sprained shoulder isn’t something to overlook. In fact, early treatment of a strained or sprained shoulder can limit long-term damage.


Tendinitis is a type of inflammation that occurs in the tendon of your shoulder. It often causes pain and limited movement. It’s also known as tennis elbow or pitcher’s shoulder.

Chiropractic Care for Shoulder Pain

One of the most important resources for those who are looking for help with shoulder pain relief is a visit to the chiropractor. There are numerous ways that a chiropractor can help someone who suffers from shoulder pain. Some of the techniques that a chiropractor might use include:

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  • Adjustments: Adjustments are among the most common methods that a chiropractor could use to help someone who suffers from shoulder pain. Because the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves connect to the back, an adjustment can be used to realign the spine, ensuring that it places the tendons, ligaments, and muscles in a position to be successful.
  • Traction Therapy: Another option that a chiropractor could use to help someone who suffers from shoulder pain is called traction therapy. This treatment option is often used when someone has a pinched nerve in the shoulder. This type of treatment will increase the space through which the nerve travels. This can alleviate pressure on someone’s nerves (commonly called a stinger), which can alleviate shoulder pain.
  • Physical Therapy: Finally, once the body has been placed in a position to heal, a chiropractor will leverage physical therapy to strengthen the areas of the body that might be vulnerable to injury. This can help prevent shoulder pain from returning.

These are a few of the treatment techniques a chiropractor might use to help someone who suffers from shoulder pain.

Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor for Shoulder Pain

There are a few benefits that come with seeing a chiropractor for shoulder pain. Some of the biggest benefits include:

  • No Side Effects: Many people who suffer from shoulder pain have visited medical professionals in the past who might have recommended prescription medications or surgical procedures. These often lead to side effects and complications that could be worse than the shoulder pain itself. A chiropractor believes the body has the ability to heal naturally. Therefore, without prescription medications or surgical procedures, the chances of suffering side effects decrease.
  • The Root Cause Is Treated: Instead of treating the symptoms on the surface, a chiropractor will take the time to identify the root cause of the shoulder pain. By eliminating the root cause, the chances of the problem returning in the future decrease drastically. This helps people not only get better but stay better.
  • Personalized Care: In addition, a chiropractor takes the time to get to know his or her patients. In this manner, a chiropractor will tailor his or her shoulder pain diagnosis and treatment plan to meet the needs of the individual patient. This helps patients recover comprehensively.

These are a few of the major benefits of visiting a chiropractor for shoulder pain.

Massages for Shoulder Pain Relief

male patient receiving a professional massage Another treatment option that a chiropractor might use to help someone who suffers from shoulder blade pain is massage therapy. Massages are used to identify the points at which the shoulder pain is the worst. Then, massages will alleviate inflamed muscle tissue and help nerves relax. This helps patients recover from numerous types of shoulder pain while also providing the opportunity for stress relief. Many patients who suffer from shoulder pain often do so because they carry stress in their shoulders. There are a few benefits of shoulder massages for shoulder pain treatment that everyone should note.

The Benefits of Shoulder Massages

There are a few important benefits of shoulder massages that everyone should note. First, like chiropractic care, this is a natural treatment method. This means that patients will have the opportunity to recover without having to worry about side effects and complications.

Second, all massage therapists have gone to school for this type of therapy. This means that they are well-trained and will be able to help patients without placing them at risk. They have the training and experience necessary to help patients using this treatment technique.

Finally, massage therapy can also help patients recover more quickly. Massage therapy is used to increase the rate at which blood and oxygen circulate throughout the body. This means that the injured parts of the body will get the building blocks they need to recover. As a result, patients can recover from their injuries more quickly and return to their everyday lives.

How Can Your Fort Wayne Chiropractor Help?

When you meet with your Fort Wayne chiropractor we’ll determine the underlying cause of your pain. We’ll then create a customized treatment plan to resolve the underlying cause of your pain, such as providing sports injury treatment to your shoulder or chiropractic adjustments to properly align the joints and ligament.

Schedule a Consultation with Your Shoulder Pain Doctor

When you meet with your shoulder pain doctor, you’ll always get exceptional care and support. Whether you need sports injury treatment or help with a strain from a work-related incident, we can help you. Call us for an appointment at (260) 245-0460

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