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Elbow pain is one of the most commonly overlooked causes of pain and discomfort. People often do not realize just how often they use their elbows until they start to experience pain and discomfort. If someone suffers from elbow pain, he or she may have trouble reading, writing, or even opening a door. As a result, it is important for everyone who suffers from elbow pain to rely on the treatment of a trained elbow pain doctor. While some elbow pain medical professionals may recommend surgery, this isn't always necessary. A chiropractor can provide alternative options for elbow pain treatment in Fort Wayne that may help someone avoid the operating room.

Key Symptoms of Elbow Pain

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If someone has injured their elbow, there are a few common symptoms that are going to show up. In addition to pain and discomfort, many of these injuries will also lead to swelling of the elbow. This swelling can constrict the elbow, making it hard to move. Next, elbow injuries may also cause the elbow to bruise. People may start to notice black and blue discoloration in and around the elbow. Finally, elbow pain can also lead to weakness. If the muscle fibers that attach to the elbow have been damaged, people might have trouble lifting objects, turning the pages of a book, or holding a pen or pencil.

Common Causes of Elbow Pain

If someone feels pain and discomfort in the elbow, there are a few common reasons why. Some of the most common causes of elbow pain that we see in our offices include:

Lateral Epicondylitis This is the medical term used to describe tennis elbow. This is a small piece of bone on the outside of the elbow. The repetitive motion of swinging a tennis racket can cause inflammation to develop on the outside of the elbow. This can lead to pain, discomfort, and swelling.

Medial Epicondylitis This is the medical term used to describe golfer's elbow. This is inflammation that develops on the inside of the elbow. It is triggered by the repetitive motion of swinging a golf club. This injury can also lead to pain, discomfort, and swelling, but on the inside of the elbow.

Bursitis: Bursitis is inflammation of the protective sac that encloses the elbow. If this condition develops, the liquid will start to flow into the sac. This will lead to swelling. This swelling will lead to discomfort, making it hard to move the elbow.

Muscle Strains: There are numerous muscles of the upper and lower arm that attach to the elbow. These muscles can become strained, leading to pain and weakness throughout the arm.

An Overview of Elbow Pain Treatment Options

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If someone comes to see an elbow pain doctor in our office, there are a few treatment options that we may recommend. These include:

Chiropractic Care: Our team of chiropractors will take a look at your elbow. We will check to make sure the bones are aligned properly. If anything is out of place, we can use a series of controlled thrusts to realign the bones, alleviating pain and discomfort.

Physical Therapy: We believe that elbow pain treatment should not only fix acute injuries but prevent future ones from showing up. That is why we are going to use rehabilitation and corrective exercises to strengthen the muscles of the elbow. By strengthening these muscles, we will provide additional support to the elbow joint, preventing future injuries.

Trust a Caring Elbow Pain Doctor

Elbow pain can make it hard for someone to complete their daily routines. The doctors from North East Chiropractic Center for elbow pain treatment in Fort Wayne are here to serve the individuals and families of the Fort Wayne, IN region. We take a lot of time to make sure we get to know our patients and their families. We work hard to tailor all of our treatment options to meet your individual needs. By listening to your concerns, we prioritize your health above all else. To learn more about our doctors, our team, and our services, feel free to reach out to us by dialing  (260) 245-2460. We always have someone who is ready to listen to your concerns.

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