Neck Pain Treatment in Fort Wayne

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Neck pain can be extremely debilitating and one of the most common reasons why people seek the care of a neck pain doctor. Neck pain can make it difficult for someone to sit, stand, and perform activities around the house. This debilitating pain can deprive someone of their overall quality of life, making it hard for them to enjoy time with their family members and friends. It is important for everyone to know that neck pain can arise from a variety of causes. The first step in neck pain treatment is to identify the cause of the pain. There are several common causes that everyone should know about.

Common Causes of Neck Pain

firefighters helping a woman out of a car that was in an accident There are several common causes of neck pain with which everyone should be familiar. Some of the most common causes of neck pain include:

Stiff Neck:  A stiff neck is one of the most common causes of neck pain. When someone has a stiff neck, the muscles and ligaments are often knotted up, depriving the neck of its typical range of motion. This can make it hard for someone to move their head from side to side. People might even fall a small ball or knot on the side of their neck.

Poor Posture:  Poor posture can also lead to neck pain. When someone has poor posture, such as text neck, this can move the vertebrae of the spine out of alignment. Because the spine runs from the base of the skull to the pelvis, this can manifest as neck pain. Moving the spine back into alignment can make the neck feel better.

Whiplash:  Whiplash is another common cause of neck pain. In whiplash, the neck and head move back and forth very quickly. This commonly occurs in a car accident. When this happens, the ligaments of the cervical spine are stressed, leading to a cervical spine strain.

Stiff Neck

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If someone wakes up in the morning with a stiff neck, this can lead to a lot of problems. This can make it hard to read a book, drive a car, ride a bike, and remain comfortable. There are a few important points about a stiff neck and headaches that people should remember.

What is a Stiff Neck?

If someone has a stiff neck, the muscles, ligaments, and tendons located in the neck are not responding as well as they should. It is these ligaments and tendons that provide the neck with the range of motion to which everyone is accustomed. If these ligaments and tendons start to tighten up, people will find that it is harder to move the neck from side to side. This is the definition of a stiff neck.

What are the Common Causes and Symptoms of a Stiff Neck?

chiropractor adjusting female patients neck If someone is experiencing a stiff neck, there are a few common causes to note. Some of the most common causes of a stiff neck and headaches include:

  • Sleeping in a poor position that places excessive strain on the ligaments and tendons of the neck
  • The development of whiplash following an auto accident, particularly from a sprain of the upper cervical ligaments
  • A blow to the neck sustained during sports

There are a few symptoms of a stiff neck that people might notice. The most common symptom is that people will have trouble moving the head from side to side. In addition, people might also have trouble moving the neck up and down. When someone tries to stretch the range of motion of the neck, there might be discomfort. Fortunately, there are a few options for neck pain treatment in Fort Wayne.

Treatment Methods to Get Rid of a Stiff Neck

If someone is looking for neck pain relief, there are a few treatment methods. Stretching at home can be helpful. Gently rolling the neck from side to side and up and down will gradually relax and lengthen the ligaments and tendons.

It is also important to seek out professional chiropractic care. A professional chiropractor can perform adjustments and manipulations that can relax the ligaments and tendons, providing neck pain relief. Massage therapy can also play a critical role in helping the muscles relax.

Neck Pain Treatment Options in Fort Wayne

massage therapist massaging patients neck When someone visits a neck pain doctor, such as a chiropractor, there are a variety of treatment options that might be employed. A comprehensive neck pain treatment plan is essential in helping someone recover from their issue. Some of these treatment options include:

Massage Therapy: Massage therapy plays a critical role in helping someone recover from neck pain. Massage therapy can help someone work out the kinks and knots that might be contributing to a stiff neck, helping to restore flexibility and range of motion to the neck itself.

Chiropractic Care: Chiropractic care also plays an important role in neck pain recovery. A chiropractor has training in spinal adjustment and decompression. This can help move the vertebrae back into their proper alignment, relieving compressed nerves and alleviating neck pain. Chiropractors can also play an important role in prenatal care.

Auto Accident Injury Recovery: Auto accidents are a common cause of neck pain. With a chiropractor who has specialized training in auto accident injuries, treatments can be focused on helping the body recover from car crash injuries, such as whiplash.

These are only a few of the numerous treatment options that can be used to help someone recover from neck pain. A comprehensive treatment plan is essential in not only alleviating pain but allowing someone to enjoy life to the fullest.

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