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North East Chiropractic Center provides a number of non-invasive, drug-free treatment techniques that can improve your function, mobility, and comfort. Our services include the Activator technique, spinal decompression therapy, medically supervised weight loss, prenatal chiropractic care, and massage therapy. However, you might never discover these life-changing options if you hesitate to see a chiropractor due to a lack of applicable health insurance. Fortunately, our clinic accepts Aetna health insurance for chiropractic care in Fort Wayne IN.

Aetna Chiropractic Insurance Coverage

As a major U.S. provider of health insurance, Aetna has offered coverage to countless American individuals and workplaces since its founding in Hartford, CT in 1853. Its stated mission is to help make affordable health care more available to everyone. Since CVS Health now claims Aetna as a subsidiary, the insurance company is in a better position than ever to fulfill that mission -- and its inclusion of chiropractic coverage in Fort Wayne can only help.

Chiropractic insurance coverage can help open the door to a healthier you. By being able to cover some of the costs of chiropractic treatment as easily as you would other forms of care, you can now obtain non-surgical relief for the following problems:

  • Senior Woman Having Chiropractic Back Adjustment. Joint injuries and degenerative joint conditions.
  • Spinal alignment problems such as spondylolisthesis and spinal facet syndromes.
  • Soft tissue ailments such as strains, sprains, myalgia, and fibrositis.
  • Neuralgias (nerve pain syndromes) such as cervical radiculopathy and sciatica.
  • Repetitive motion injuries sustained through non-ergonomic work conditions, faulty sport technique, and postural imbalances.
  • Acute accident injuries issues such as whiplash and herniated discs.

Aetna's chiropractic insurance coverage in Fort Wayne includes in-network insurance for both HMOs and PPOs, giving policyholders a broad range of practitioners and coverage options to choose from.

Insurance Coverage Limitations

Every form of health insurance has its own set of permissions and limitations. You may have already noticed, for instance, that AMA health insurance policies must cover physical therapy but are free to reject chiropractic treatment. Even the treatment you receive from our Aetna chiropractor in Fort Wayne may run up against certain limitations and exclusions.

Individual health insurance policy and stethoscope.If you want to use your Aetna coverage, the procedure you undergo must be considered medically necessary by the insurer. This means that you must be seeking treatment for a neuromuscular issue and that a medical practitioner has documented the need for treatment. It also means that your condition must show some degree of improvement within two weeks of starting the treatment. If modifications to the treatment don't achieve positive results at the 30-day mark, Aetna may refuse to cover any additional chiropractic treatment.

Aetna maintains a lengthy list of medical codes for specific types of conditions and treatment methods that fall under its chiropractic insurance coverage. Even so, individual policies may differ in the kinds of coverage offered and the percentage of costs shouldered by the insurer. Before you turn to North East chiropractic center as your Aetna chiropractor of choice, make sure to contact us so we can verify your range of coverage.

Choosing a Chiropractor with Aetna Chiropractic Insurance Coverage

Chiropractor is having a conversation with a patient at the North East Chiro Center.If your Aetna chiropractic coverage will cover your specific ailment, you couldn't choose a better Aetna chiropractor in Fort Wayne (or anywhere else) than the team at North East Chiropractic Center. We have over 15 years of experience treating people throughout the area with customized, holistic treatment plans.

We're delighted that we can accept Aetna as an insurance provider for individuals and workplaces alike. We want to extend our services to as many people as possible by accepting insurance from many leading providers.

If you have Aetna health insurance for chiropractic care, contact our office today. We can determine how much you'll need to pay on your deductible and how much of the balance your chiropractor coverage will pay for a medically necessary treatment plan.

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