The Difference between Chiropractic Techniques

For people suffering from chronic or acute pain, visiting a chiropractor who can utilize various chiropractic adjusting techniques can be a source of great relief. Chiropractic techniques are non-invasive and don't rely on the use of medications for pain relief. Instead, a trained chiropractor utilizes his or her knowledge of the musculoskeletal system to create unique treatment methods that can help ease a person's pain, whether it be acute, chronic, due to an injury, or anything else.

Common Chiropractic Techniques

There are a variety of chiropractic techniques that can be used to fit someone's specific pain. From muscle stretches to muscle exercises and spinal adjustments, each technique is created to be able to tackle specific ailments in the body. Chiropractors know exactly how to perform these techniques, but more importantly, they know how to do them safely.

These chiropractic treatments are done only after a chiropractor has done a thorough assessment on an individual, including a physical exam, imaging techniques such as x-rays, and has asked a series of questions to determine the root cause of pain. Below are some of the most common chiropractic techniques these professionals use to promote natural healing and pain relief.

Activator Method activator method chiropractic technique

The activator method is used to treat different types of lower back pain, upper back pain, and headaches. The activator method uses an instrument called the Activator adjusting instrument that uses a spring-loaded mechanism. The adjusting instrument provides pressure that isn't too powerful but still provides enough force to massage tense muscles in specific points. This method is useful in trigger point therapy, which is used to treat myofascial pain syndrome and get rid of tough knots.

Flexion-Distraction Therapy

chiropractic technique called flexion-distraction therapy performed by a chiropractor

This particular therapy goes by several different names, including Cox Technic therapy. Flexion-distraction therapy is designed to help people with herniated discs, back pain, scoliosis, stiffness, and headaches. The treatment is done by having a client lay on a chiropractic table, all the while a chiropractor uses different chiropractic adjustment techniques to gently manipulate the spine.

Diversified Technique

This is one of the best and most used chiropractic methods to help with stiffness and is a safe hands-on method that is both relaxing and effective. The Diversified technique involves specific adjustments that a chiropractor does in short thrusts. Although this method usually leads to a popping noise, it's completely safe to do if done by a trained chiropractor.

Gonstead System

The Gonstead technique is a specific adjusting system for the full spine. This achieves balance, alleviates pain, and increases mobility. 

Webster Technique prenatal chiropractic care webster technique

The Webster technique has become synonymous with pregnancy. This is because the Webster method of treatment is used to expand the pelvic muscles, fix any misalignments known as subluxations, and overall make birthing easier for pregnant women. This technique has also been used to alleviate nausea, pain, and swelling associated with pregnancy.  The Webster technique can also aid in pelvic alignment for proper baby positioning.

Thompson drop technique

This technique utilizes both the trained hands of a chiropractor and a table known as a drop-table. Different segments in the table drop about a half-inch, allowing the adjustment that a chiropractor does to be more effective. This technique helps in increasing strength and mobility, as well as reducing pain in the lower back and pelvic area.

Chiropractic Care in Fort Wayne

A trained chiropractor at North East Chiropractic Center can use the best chiropractic techniques in Fort Wayne Indiana to help you find relief from acute pain, chronic pain, and everything in between. At North East Chiropractic Center, we specialize in the above techniques and can offer additional services including massage therapy, spinal decompression, and chiropractic methods for weight loss!

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