How Effective is Thompson Drop Technique?

When you suffer from chronic pain, an injury, or some other musculoskeletal problem that calls for chiropractic care, you may encounter a variety of techniques commonly used by chiropractors to restore normal joint function and comfort, including a method known as the Thompson Drop Technique. How does this technique differ from other methods of joint manipulation? Here's a basic explanation from our Fort Wayne IN specialists at North East Chiropractic.

What Is Thompson Drop Technique?

Chiropractor is doing the Thompson Drop Technique to the patientDr. Clay Thompson introduced the technique in chiropractic medicine in 1955. This technique, also known as the Thompson Drop Table technique or Thompson Drop chiropractic technique, makes use of a special segmented treatment table to help diagnose and adjust spinal alignment problems. Pneumatic power allows the chiropractor to move the segments while adjusting the spine, dropping the segment supporting a specific part of the musculoskeletal system during the adjustment to that body part. The ability to adjust a joint while the joint is in motion makes this technique especially effective.

Not every chiropractor can administer the Thompson drop table technique. Practitioners must undergo additional training to learn the many possible motions and adjustments associated with the technique.

Medical Conditions Treated 

The technique has demonstrated its effectiveness in the treatment of many painful disorders. The gentleness of the technique makes it ideal for treating chronic back pain, with research indicating that it helps to alter the pelvic tilt in patients whose pain stems from pelvic misalignment. It can also correct the neck's inward curvature in people with cervical spinal alignment problems. Other useful applications include:

  • Pregnant woman touching tummy and suffering from back ache sitting on bed at homePrenatal pain relief - Pregnant women who struggle with back pain and other common discomforts often benefit from the Thompson drop chiropractic technique.
  • Pediatric health and wellness care - Children and teenagers can safely benefit from this gentle form of chiropractic manipulation as they grow and develop.
  • Senior patient pain management - Seniors, including more fragile individuals who usually hesitate to try chiropractic care, appreciate the gentle nature of the Thompson Drop Table adjustments.

The Thompson Drop-Table Technique Process

Chiropractor is doing the Thompson Drop Technique Assessment to the patient.The first step in your Thompson Drop Table experience usually involves a diagnostic procedure called a leg check analysis. As you lie on the treatment table, the chiropractor will evaluate your feet to see if they line up with each other properly. Uneven leg length may point toward specific musculoskeletal imbalances that require adjustment. Your chiropractor may then repeat this process to check the success of the adjustments.

The actual adjustments occur as you continue to lie comfortably on the treatment table with your head supported. The chiropractor will make a high-thrust adjustment while dropping the table segment beneath that body part a short distance. The drop table mobilizes the joint during the adjustment while also lending the adjustment a bit more force.

Why You Should Consider Scheduling That First Session

Chiropractor is doing the Thompson Drop Technique to the patient.Even if you don't suffer agonizing pain and disability from a spinal problem, you should still give the Thompson drop table technique some serious thought, especially since many everyday discomforts stem from musculoskeletal imbalances. You could experience such significant benefits as:

  • A stronger, more flexible body
  • Reduced chronic pain (without the need for medications)
  • Easier, more restful sleep
  • A straighter, healthier posture
  • Greater stress tolerance

Don't Neglect Your Condition!

Whether you can hardly walk without help or simply don't feel as limber and comfortable as you'd like, you should always seek chiropractic evaluation and get any necessary treatment as early as possible. the longer you delay this form of care, the worse your musculoskeletal issues will get. The more severe your condition, the more extensive chiropractic treatment you'll end up needing.

Your friends here at North East Chiropractic Clinic hope you can benefit from these answers to your questions and concerns regarding Thompson Drop Technique. Our Fort Wayne, IN chiropractic team proudly offers this technique alongside other proven forms of chiropractic care for all ages.

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