What is “Tech Neck”

Today, people rely on their technological devices more than they ever have in the past. There are plenty of jobs that people might not even be able to do without a cell phone. Even though these devices have provided us with a lot of benefits, there are also serious health concerns that might develop. Some of these concerns include blue light damaging the eyes, problems sleeping at night, and the development of something known as text neck. At North East Chiropractic Center, we are here to provide neck pain treatment in Fort Wayne. If you are looking for neck pain relief, then learn more about text neck, also known as tech neck, below!

What Causes Tech Neck?

Tech neck is a problem that develops when people spend an extended amount of time looking down at their phones. When people use their phones, they often hold their phone at the level of their chest or belly button. Then, they crank their neck forward to look at the screen of their phone. If the text is small, then they might end up having to reach their neck forward even farther. This places a tremendous amount of stress on the head, neck, and back. As a result, this leads to a condition known as tech neck. There are a few common symptoms that develop when individuals suffer from this condition.

What Are the Symptoms of Tech Neck?

business woman having a headacheFor those who are suffering from text neck, there are a few common symptoms that might arise. These include:

  • Tech neck can lead to serious neck stiffness and neck pain. Some people might even feel like there is something pulling on their neck. This pain often gets better when they learn forward but the pain returns when they lean back.
  • Text neck can also lead to serious headaches. When people spend their time leaning forward looking at their phone, they end up pulling the muscles in the neck which connect to the muscles in the scalp. This tightens the muscles in the scalp, which makes people feel like there is a vice that is pulling on their head. As a result, people might also have trouble focusing or sleeping.
  • Finally, text neck can also make the shoulders feel stiff as well. The muscles in the neck connect directly to the muscles in the shoulders. This could cause the shoulders to sit higher than they normally would, leading to the development of knots.

These are just a few of the most common issues that develop when someone suffers from this neck condition.

Text Neck Can Lead to More Serious Problems

Those who suffer from text neck can also develop more serious issues. The major concern is that the vertebrae in the neck could start to slide out of place. As the muscles continue to pull on the back of the spine, they could gradually move the vertebrae in the neck out of alignment. This could lead to chronic discomfort and pain issues that could adversely impact someone’s overall quality of life. That is why it is important to take steps to prevent this condition from progressing further.

How To Prevent Tech Neck

The good news is that there are ways to prevent this condition from developing further. First, people need to try to take breaks from their phones. There is no reason to spend hours on end looking down at the screen. Second, when using the phone, it is helpful to lift the phone to the level of the eyes instead of cranking the neck forward to look down at the screen. The goal is to keep the neck and back in proper alignment. Finally, make regular visits to a Fort Wayne chiropractor who can help make sure the neck and back are in proper alignment.

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