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Wrist pain is becoming more common, particularly with how often people use their phones and computers. When someone suffers from wrist pain, they might be told that they need to take prescription medications and/or undergo a dangerous surgical procedure to alleviate their symptoms. Fortunately, this isn't always the case. It is important for everyone to know that there are alternative treatment options available that might help someone avoid the operating room. At North East Chiropractic Center, we are here to provide innovative treatment options and approaches to wrist pain.

Common Causes of Wrist Pain

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If someone is suffering from wrist pain, there are a number of reasons why this discomfort might have developed. Some of the most common include:

Arthritis: As people live longer, arthritis is only going to become more common. Arthritis develops when the cartilage that typically provides a cushion for the wrist begins to break down. Without this cartilage, the tiny bones in the wrist start to rub up against each other. Over time, inflammation develops as the bony surfaces start to break down. This leads to pain.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: The carpal tunnel is an area in the wrist through which nerves, muscles, and blood vessels pass. The more people use the muscles of the wrist, the more inflammation develops. This inflammation leads to swelling which may cause the carpal tunnel to swell shut. As a result, nerves are compressed and people start to develop shooting pains, numbness, and tingling.

Sprains: There are numerous ligaments throughout the wrist which provide it with a solid range of motion. If people stretch the wrist too far, such as in a slip and fall injury, ligaments of the wrist can become sprained. This may cause the wrist to stiffen.

Fractures: Wrist fractures are incredibly common. When someone falls, he or she will typically brace himself or herself by extending the arms. While this protects the chest and abdomen, this also leaves the wrist in a vulnerable position. This can lead to a wrist fracture.

Wrist Pain Symptoms

If someone is suffering from wrist pain, there are a few common symptoms that are going to appear. First, people are going to notice that it is hard to move the wrist. Whether it is up and down or side to side, the movement will make the pain worse. In some cases, people may notice swelling and bruising in and around the wrist. Finally, if the nerves of the wrist are damaged, people will notice shooting pains that travel down the arm. There might even be numbness and tingling present.

Wrist Pain Treatment Options from a Chiropractor

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If someone comes to see a wrist pain doctor, there are a few treatment options available. Some of the important parts of wrist pain treatment will include:

Chiropractic Care: A chiropractor can take a look at someone's wrist and evaluate the alignment of the wrist bones. If anything is out of place, a wrist pain doctor can provide treatment options to realign the bones of the hand and forearm.

Physical Therapy: Rehabilitation and physical therapy will play an important role in the treatment of wrist pain. While other treatment options only treat the symptoms on the surface, we want to prevent the injury from ever coming back. To do this, we will develop a set of wrist exercises that will strengthen the joint, allowing it to resist injuries in the future.

Rely on a Trusted Wrist Pain Specialist

If someone suffers from wrist pain, it is important to rely on the care of a specialized wrist doctor. That is exactly what someone is going to get from North East Chiropractic Center. Our medical providers are here to help the citizens of Fort Wayne, IN. We work hard to stay up to date on the latest information in our field because we believe this allows us to provide the best care possible to our patients. We also take the time to get to know all of our patients and their families on an individual basis. To find out more about our doctors and services, please reach out to us today at (260) 245-2460.

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